Top 5 Valentine’s Day discount codes – Share the love!


valentine's day cartoonIt’s Valentine’s Day next week. Yay!

One one hand it’s lovely to share the love and make the person you adore feel special. On the other hand it’s annoying feeling obliged to splash out on Valentine’s gifts instead of simply exchanging cards. Like so much of our lives it’s been hijacked by retailers and now it’s all about shopping… whoops, old git alert!

However you feel about Valentine’s Day, we have some smashing discount codes on board to suit every taste and budget. To help you find your way around, here are some of our most popular categories:

  • fashion – unbeatable sartorial bargains for stylish chaps and dedicated fashionistas
  • technology and appliances – perfect geek-fodder for gadget-obsessed lovers
  • health and beauty – cool treats for lovers who like to look after themselves
  • music, movies, games and TV – the very best in entertainment for happy couples
  • travel and accommodation – days out, nights away, short breaks and holidays
  • footwear and accessories – fab slippers, trainers, shoes, boots and wellies

If you’re feeling the pressure and have no idea what to buy your Valentine, here are five cool ideas:

  1. up to 70% off carefully selected jewellery at Amazon with our Amazon discount codes – bling bling!
  2. annual membership from only £8.95 a month with our discount codes – so your loved one can delve deep into their family’s fascinating past
  3. 50% off funky footwear with our Office discount codes – ooh, new shoes!
  4. Free delivery when you spend £45 or more with our naughty but nice Ann Summers discount code
  5. Late deal holidays from £174 each with our First Choice discount codes

Whatever you get up to next week, we wish all our readers lots of love and happiness.



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