The considerable weirdness of jeans, the planet’s favourite legwear


voi-jeans-logoDo you remember your first pair of jeans? I saved up my pocket money for a month back in 1977 and bought a pair of voluminous own-brand denim ‘bags’ for £17.99 from the trendiest fashion store in Middlesbrough at the time, Sergeant Peppers. They were deep blue with white denim plaited detailing on the back pockets, the coolest thing I’d ever owned.

Sadly, I still didn’t pull at the school disco!

Over the years I’ve seen drainpipe jeans come and go twice, bell bottoms and flares, bags and late ’70s / early ’80s peg-legged jeans with high waists (nasty). Jeans with low-slung waistlines, super-tight and super-loose, hanging off your bum with the crotch around your knees, stonewashed, distressed, faded, indigo, 1930s Prohibition style, ripped to shreds with longjohns underneath, ‘designer jeans’ like the appalling Gloria Vanderbilt range, Skinhead style, Levis 501s with and without Rockabilly turn ups… the permutations are endless but the popularity of ‘nimes never dies.

Back in the day we used to wear our jeans ’til they died. The idea was to nurture the most worn out and tatty pair possible, the mark of a super-cool denim genius. Sometimes we used ordinary household bleach to age them, which usually ate its way through the fabric and made big, yellow-edged holes. And denim’s eccentricities continue – my husband Tony’s latest pair came with a label advising him not to wash them for six months to get a nice patina going, which made us both feel a bit sick.

My vote for the oddest jeans style goes to the carrot leg, seriously tight with a low-slung crotch that makes your legs look really short and ape-like. They’re the diametric opposite of the absolutely vast jeans inspired by Hip Hop fashion, which dwarfed the wearers to such an extent they looked like little boys who’d nicked their dads’ clothes.

Occasionally silly, always funky, the world of denim is a splendidly eccentric thing. May it long continue. Whatever your favourite jeans style, click through to our Voi Jeans discount codes and take advantage of up to 60% off everything from their autumn/winter 2012 collection.


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