Superscrimpers: Channel 4 joins the money saving crusade


Did you watch the second episode of Channel 4’s new series about saving money last night? If so you’re probably heading out today to buy a cheap bottle of Coke to hurl down your loo. Leaving it sparkling clean at about a tenth of the cost of buying a regular toilet cleaning product.  

Superscrimpers is a great programme. If you’re already hooked on money saving ideas you’ll be freshly spurred on. If you’re new to the game it’ll fire your imagination. With last night’s family saving more than £12,000 a year by making common sense decisions and savings, it’s impressive stuff. While it’s horrible to think how much money most of us waste without realising it, it’s remarkable how simple it is to put things right.

The Financial Times’ Mrs Moneypenny and MoneyWeek’s Merryn Somerset Webb present easy to follow money saving advice plus advice from scrimpers and savers showcasing their money saving ideas. There’s a supporting web page at, where you can watch previous episodes on 4D. There’s a Q&A with Merryn and you’ll find the tips from each show on site too.

If your family’s in a financial hole, or about to fall into one, take heart and think positive. There’s ways and means to save yourself a huge amount of cash on everyday living. Without too much pain, if any. And, like we’ve said before, once you get in the swing of it you’ll probably start enjoying scrimping and saving.  Superscrimpers proves it!   


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I’m Kate. I live just outside Brighton, high up on the South Downs, with my husband Tony and our three cats. I’m dedicated to saving money, spending less, buying wisely, cutting waste, re-using, recycling, re-purposing and generating cash from the stuff I no longer want.

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