Second hand bicycles for summer fun in the sun


a bike next to a beachYou want it? You’ll find it online. A Google search for ‘second hand bicycles’ came up with a host of brilliant ideas for getting hold of a bike for less. Which is good news because the summer has finally arrived!

Thousands of miles of safe UK cycle routes

The SUSTRANS network is another plus point, more good new for people who haven’t been aboard a bike for ages and excellent fun for practiced cyclists. It’s a network of mostly traffic-free cycle paths that covers the entire country, and there are bound to be paths near you. All you do is enter your postcode into the SUSTRANS map page and it comes up with local routes, perfect for cycling with the kids because they’re so safe.

Cycling safety advice

The Travel for London website is full of useful road safety information for cyclists, as is the NHS website. And these days, most people seem to wear a helmet. I can’t stand them because I love the wind in my hair so I do without. Which is probably very silly. But I steer clear of roads and I’m no Bradley Wiggins. If I fall on my head, it’s my own fault!

Mountain bikes versus road bikes

I prefer a touring bike with plenty of gears. Mountain bikes are much heavier and unless you’re actually going off road or climbing steep hills, they can be hard work. If you’re not sure what suits you best, borrow one of each and test drive them.

Bike accessories, repair and maintenance

I often see bike parts at boot fairs, and plenty of towns have back street cycle repair shops who sell parts and do servicing. I think Halfords also service bikes. You could ask around to see if anyone in your social circle can help you. Or you could learn how to maintain it yourself. Videojug has loads of ‘how to’ videos.

Places to pick up good quality second hand bikes


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