Save cash, save the planet: Friends of the Earth’s great little book


Friends of the Earth book coverFriends of the Earth has a wonderful mission, not too overly-worthy or earnest, just realistic and beautifully expressed in plain English.

As a writer I’m filled with admiration for their communications style. But more to the point, they’re hot on money saving ideas too, especially those that have a beneficial effect on the planet.

Here’s what their aims are:

  • A beautiful world: We depend on the planet, so let’s keep it in good shape
  • A good life: A healthy planet is one that works for people too
  • A positive relationship with the environment: Acting together for the planet and everyone who lives on it

I love that!

Anyway… click through to their site and you’ll find information about their excellent little book, Save Cash and Save the Planet. As well as their fab little book the charity’s ‘money’ section is jam packed with cool ideas and advice about making your pennies go further, sustainably, with sections on tips for ethical investors, going green at work, purse power, sustainability and profit, electric cars, shop, save and recycle and websites for sharing, swapping and recycling.

About the book, Save Cash and Save the Planet

If you want to reduce your their impact on the Earth’s resources and save cash at the same time, this is your perfect book buy. It features short, bite size chapters so you don’t get bogged down in too much detail or drown in rhetoric. It looks at key areas like reducing waste, energy efficiency, home, DIY, garden, food, time off, work, finance, travel, birth, death and activism. And there’s a really cool resources directory too.

If you’re looking for practical advice about saving pounds while supporting a healthy planet, there’s loads of it including hand-made cleaning products, no-cost energy efficiency tips, budget organic vegetables and shopping tips. It even covers real life case studies about people who have ‘greened’ their lives and saved £££s in the process.

As telly presenter Jonathan Ross says on the website, “At last! A friendly read that can help you save money while saving the planet! Becoming a domestic eco-warrior has never been so easy – or so cool!”

It’s remarkable how often money saving tips also have a green tinge, helping save resources and preserve life on our gorgeous planet…



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