Last minute DIY Valentines cards


926419_valentinesWhoops, it’s February 13th and you haven’t managed to buy a Valentine’s card for your favourite squeeze.

But all is not lost. Luckily a hand made card means a lot because you’ve spent time and effort on it, not just cash. And it’s really easy to create something cool.

What if you don’t have the materials you need? Unless you can pick them up today you’re stuffed, and if you can make it to the shops you may as well buy a Valentine’s card. Make sure you’re prepared with a basic craft kit next year – you can buy cheap craft materials at pound shops and high street stationers, so stock up in good time and avoid being caught out in 2014!

Basic DIY greetings card craft kit

  • UHU glue
  • Glitter glues
  • coloured paper and card

Make a simple DIY Valentine’s card

Anyone can create the planet’s simplest Valentine’s card design, a flock of coloured hearts. Fold an A4 piece of coloured or white card in half. Cut out a load of hearts from coloured paper and glue them on. Overlap different sized hearts or lay them out symmetrically in rows for a contemporary look. Then draw over the edges with glitter glue.

You could even print out a photo of yourself or the two of you together, glue it to a card and stick coloured hearts around the edge.  And ready-made heart stickers are great, especially if you don’t have an artistic bone in your body, likely to bugger up the simplest project!

What to say inside your card?

What about the words? They’re the  most important bit. You can search Google and track down a love poem. There are loads of sites where people submit poems they’ve written, which you can use for free, as well as old favourites from the past five centuries and more. How about a Shakespeare sonnet?

You could always write your own poem – or prose, which is easier. Us Brits aren’t always comfy talking about our feelings, especially blokes, but give it a go – put your sheepishness aside and make your feelings clear. A handwritten love message is powerful stuff.

Use a gold or silver pen to make your message extra special. If you’re worried you might make a mess of it, write it out on a separate piece of coloured paper and glue the perfect version in.

Extra Valentine’s card decor

If you fancy gilding the lily you can add ready-made mini-bows, available from craft shops. Or take silk flowers apart and glue the petals on. Or buy sticky jewels to embellish your efforts.


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