Home decor treasure – Beautiful vintage glassware for next to nothing


Bank Holiday weekends are excellent for boot fairs and there’s a really good one near us most bank holidays, at Rottingdean cricket club. This weekend we found all sorts of beautiful glassware, which I’ve displayed along with some new pieces I picked up last weekend charity shopping in Haywards Heath with a friend.

Here’s what I bought:

Below – A Victorian lead crystal sugar shaker and a frilly carnival glass bowl, £9 each.

vintage glassware

Second: Four retro glass ornaments: a tall turquoise glass bud vase £2.50, leaf shaped green glass bowl £3, chunky turquoise glass vase £3 and green rectangular glass vase £3.

4 retro glass vases

Third, 2 carnival glass pieces, the black one £2 and the rose-coloured one £6.

2 carnival glass bowls

Last, an aubergine glass vase £5, angular glass ashtray £2, two bubble glass ashtrays, large £15, small £4.

4 vintage glass ornaments including 3 ash trays

As you can see, it’s relatively easy and pretty cheap to pick up beautiful glassware in charity shops and boot fairs. The only thing is, we’re running out of room in our house!

What’s the best thing you’ve found in a  charity shop or boot fair recently?


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