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A quick Google search shows just how popular vintage stuff is right now.  There are even vintage wedding shows, packed with beautiful and unusual wedding gear including 1930s ‘flapper’ dresses, wartime Utility clothing, 1950s style, 1960s fashion and even ’70s & ’80s, which makes you feel pretty ancient when you wore it yourself the first time around!

Vintage homewares are just as hot, with fairs dedicated to interior decor with a twist. Prices are soaring. Dealers are scouring charity shops for cheap pieces to sell on for a nifty profit. Smart London galleries and showrooms are full of the best in vintage design. Old is the new ‘new’ and celebrities are getting in on the act. And all over the country, vintage shops are springing up on high streets.

Some, like Baker Street in Middlesbrough, are dedicated to the vintage lifestyle with rows of independent shops selling all sorts of funky and super-stylish stuff. Follow the link and you’ll see my old school friend Jane, pictured left, the ‘Boro’s vintage queen. Excellent woman. Brighton is stuffed with vintage shops too, even more than there were in the early 1980s when the trend last peaked. What about where you live?

How to find your nearest vintage fair

Here are six of the best sites listing vintage fairs. Many of them travel the country throughout the year, others are local.

  1. Vintage Fairs UK
  2. Judy’s Vintage Fair
  3. UK Vintage Fairs
  4. The Vintage Fair
  5. Pop Up Vintage Fairs
  6. Discover Vintage Fairs

Selling vintage goods

If you, your granny or whatever has vintage items you don’t want, it’s a good way to raise cash. Clean, repaired goods always sell better than tatty, and Ebay is a top place to sell. You could even get a stall at a boot fair near you,they also welcome vintage sellers. And if something pops up in a charity shop, grab it if the price is right.


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