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medicinesI had my first cold in years just before Christmas. Actually, I reckon it was woman-flu. It was completely horrid. I was a human snot factory for two whole weeks… and I made full use of medicines designed to soothe my pain!

Save money with non-brand ‘over the counter’ (OTC) medicines

Like most people I went straight for the big brand painkillers, anti-snot stuff and sleeping aids. But the cheaper alternatives are, apparently, just as good. They just don’t advertise, which is reflected in the cost – they tend to be an awful lot cheaper.  If your whole family is floored by nasty colds or flu this winter, the cheap versions of OTC cold remedies could save you a great deal of money.

Cut the cost of prescriptions in England

If you’re unfortunate enough to need regular prescription drugs, they cost £7.65 each in England. In Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, prescriptions are free. But if you’re in England you can make your money go further with Prescription Prepayment Certificate. 

If you need more than 13 prescribed drugs a year, a 12 month PPC costs £104. 13. Thirteen regular price prescriptions would cost £99.45 so you’re only paying an extra £4.68 in total for your 14th prescription onwards, n matter how many you need. A three month PPC costs £29.10, also delivering savings when you need more than three prescribed medicines over a quarter.

A delicious DIY cold remedy

You might prefer to go off-piste and cook up a batch of DIY deliciousness to soothe your poor, suffering self. Here’s a lovely, simple recipe for herbal tea, which helps make fever-filled, snotty colds and flu feel less painful.

Herbal tea for colds and flu

You’ll find these ingredient in good health food stores and you can also buy them online.

  • mix half a teaspoon of yarrow flowers and the same amount of elder flowers, peppermint leaves, echinacea root and echisandra berries
  • add the mix to 3 cups of boiling water
  • let it sit for ten minutes
  • drink it up!

You can also make tea from fresh or powdered ginger, which is rich in antiviral compounds. Just add a heaped teaspoon of grated fresh ginger or half a teaspoon full of the powdered version, mix it into a cup of boiling water, let it stand for ten minutes and it’s ready. Mmmmm, that’s better!

(Thanks to  http://www.sxc.hu/profile/alaasafei for the cool image)


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