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five charity shop vasesToday I’m wearing a silver linen shift dress from Monsoon with a plum scoop neck long sleeved cotton top underneath, black opaque tights, over-the-knee maroon and yellow stripy socks (it’s really cold!). Plus flat 1970s leather soled cowboy boots.

The dress, top and boots all came from charity shops down London Road in Brighton, always a top source of cool stuff. They cost £3.99, £2.99 and £15 respectively. Not bad for really good quality clothing that’s barely been worn.

Last Saturday in Shoreham-by-Sea I picked up a beautiful pea green jumper by Hobbs for £4.99 and a fab black 100% wool pencil skirt with kick pleats around the bottom for £3.95.

A while ago I wrote about using vintage cut glass and crystal drinks decanters for shampoo and conditioner instead of nasty plastic bottles. Not in the shower – that’d be lethal – but they look amazing sitting on the corners of the bath. I also found a lead crystal decanter in Shoreham for £6.99 and filled it with shampoo. So pretty.

I can’t resist kitsch. The funky flowered and striped 1980s vase I tracked down in a charity shop in Lewes is a beauty and cost £14. It looks great displayed in a group of wonderfully odd and almost-ugly vases, pictured above.

The large early 1970s Italian vase with orange and red flowers cost a tenner, the rose-covered Art Nouveau one was £8 and the small 1950s German pots came from Ebay for less than a fiver each.

I’m also seriously chuffed with my growing collection of colourful pressed glass, below. None of them cost more than a fiver and I think they’re so lovely.

My taste is a bit off-piste but my charity shopping friend Lavinia, with whom I have some excellent shopping adventures, picks up some stunning stuff on our monthly expeditions. She loves cool, quiet decor with rich creams, pale duck egg blues and so on. Well posh compared to my gypsy caravan tendencies.

Whatever your taste I bet you’ll find all sorts of amazing bits and bobs and gorgeous clothes in charity shops near you. If you haven’t joined the second hand revolution yet, give it a go. As Miranda’s mother would say, such fun!

coloured pressed glass items


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  1. I recently discovered the charity shops in Shoreham and will definitely be shopping there again! I got a couple of brand new hat and glove sets there for my kids for £1 each and some brand new cardigans for the kids for a couple of pounds each! I haven’t had a good look around the London Road charity shops in a while, but often go to George Street and Portslade and have had lots of good finds. I think buying stuff secondhand is great for lots of reasons which I listed on my blog here and now would rather buy things secondhand than new.

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