7 scrummy snacks for those times you just can’t be bothered to cook!


cheese on toastThere’s no law says you have to cook every night. Eating veggie a couple of evenings a week is a great way to save money. But you can also take things a step further and just snack for a couple of evenings, too.

Despite what your granny might say, you won’t expire or disappear in a puff of smoke if you forgo traditional meat and two veg now and again, or eat cold instead of hot. Quite the opposite. It’s far better, according to those clever science types, to eat to little than too much.

Here are seven scrummy, satisfying cheap meals to enjoy in the evenings, none of which require much time, effort or creativity. They’re easy, delicious, cheap, and most of them only use a tiny, weeny amount of electricity or gas.

7 fabulous cheap snacks 

  1. tinned tuna and cheese on toast – adding mixed herbs or oregano to the tuna makes it taste particularly fab
  2. home made fresh tomato paste, just like they have in the Canary Islands: skin and seed a bunch of fresh tomatoes then mash the flesh up and spread thickly on nutty brown bread. Epic
  3. plain old beans on toast, one of the tastiest meals on earth, especially good when you’re absolutely starving. Add grated cheese and plenty of fresh-ground black pepper for extra oomph
  4. boiled eggs and soldiers. With crusty bread and salty butter. I am salivating at the thought, despite its pure and innocent simplicity
  5. Make like you’re five years old and prepare spaghetti on toast, or even alphabeti spaghetti. Grown ups love creating swear words with it just as much as kids do. You can always plop a basic fried egg on top if you’re feeling flush
  6. pasta is wonderful stuff. It’s cheap as chips – or cheaper – and just adding a generous squeeze of tomato paste, which is madly cheap and extremely good for you, plus a spot of garlic, makes it come alive. Hurl in a chopped onion for even more flavour. Ten minutes, start to finish
  7. ooh, soup! You can get amazing posh Baxters’ soups like crab and lobster bisque for less than a couple of quid. Just add a glug of fresh cream and some milk to make it go further. Then dip thickly buttered bread into a steaming hot bowl of it for a simple yet heavenly evening meal. Or go Heinz and spend even less. I like their lentil soup best – what about you?

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I’m Kate. I live just outside Brighton, high up on the South Downs, with my husband Tony and our three cats. I’m dedicated to saving money, spending less, buying wisely, cutting waste, re-using, recycling, re-purposing and generating cash from the stuff I no longer want.

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