DIY hair ornaments


home made hair ornamentsEveryone’s wearing their hair up!

I’ve seen some glorious hair arrangements in town, girls and women with beautiful flower clips in their hair.

Rather than spend a bomb on them in the shops I thought I’d have a go making a few of my own. Here are some bright ideas:

Silk flower hairpiece

  • sew a piece of elastic  onto the back of a silk flower, so you can wear it with a pony tail or bun
  • or stitch a flower onto an ordinary hair grip

Home made hair scrunchies

  • cut out a length of fabric 8cm wide and 20cm long
  • turn it inside out, fold it in half and sew up the longer edges
  • turn it the right way out again, with the pattern facing the outside
  • thread a piece of elastic through it, tie the elastic in a knot and sew up the fabric ends

Butterfly clips

  • I found a collection of small butterflies made with feathers and decorated with glitter…
  • …then glued on some tiny clips I found in a craft shop, using UHU glue

Alice bands

  • cut up an old stretchy T-shirt into strips 
  • use the same method as the scrunchies, above, to create a tube
  • sew up the ends to make a circular tube
  • decorate it with beads or silk flowers

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