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gold cupType ‘competitions’ into Google and you get around 126 million results. That’s one heck of a lot of information. I guess it’s no surprise when there’s such cool stuff to win, everything from country cottages and cars to monthly sums for life, toys, household goods, electronics, pet equipment and fashion.

You can win makeovers, city breaks, days out,  tinned food, haircuts, private jet flights… you name it, there’s probably a competition to win it. Better still, there’s also a wealth of advice online about maximising your chances of winning.

Do you have a knack for comping?

My cousin Nikki is a whiz at competitions. She wins all the time, an endless stream of white goods, new kitchens, cars, flights to exotic places, expensive gadgets, jewellery, kids’ stuff and garden equipment. I have no idea how she does it but she’s a natural.

What about you? You might have the knack, but you won’t know ’til you try.

If it’s a game of chance or a prize draw, there isn’t a lot you can do to improve your odds. But the kind of competition where you have to write a sentence to describe the product or say why you like it gives you an edge, based on skill and talent as well as obeying a few marketing rules you can easily learn.

Tips for winning competitions

The Money Saving Expert site has an entire section about ‘comping’, providing 40+ top tips to win.  Michael Shenton‘s advice is funny and entertaining as well as common sense. And Compers News has a really good beginners guide.

My comping experiences

I haven’t really given comping a decent try. I got fed up with competition sites asking for contact details before letting me enter, which means they bombard you with emails unless you opt out. Obviously there are plenty of contests you can enter without giving your details, but you have to hunt for them. According to all the advice I’ve read, patience and dedication are comping virtues, which is where I fall flat. If you’re a better man than I, you’ll probably have more success!



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