6 cheap things to do with the kids on a rainy day


uk-childrens-entertainers-directory-logoWhen I look left, all I can see out of my studio window is grey cloud. Big, fat rain is battering the windows, the horizon has completely disappeared and there’s a howling gale. Nasty.

We don’t have children but if we did, we’d have to get pretty creative to keep them occupied on days like this.

I thought it’d be useful to look at a few cheap and free things to do when the weather’s dreadful. I’ve covered low cost kids’ entertainment before but if it stays like this ’til half term, the ideas I’ve found might just save some of our readers’ sanity!

  1. Go out in it. It’s only wind and rain and younger children get a huge kick out of crazy weather. Wrap up warm, take snacks and create a mini-adventure together. Bundle everyone on a bus or walk. Head for the town centre, park or nearest countryside. Take photos to giggle at when you get home and if your little ones enjoy drawing, encourage them to get their experiences down on paper afterwards
  2. If your kids spend most of their lives glued to a screen and you’re beginning to feel like you’re so far behind the curve you’re in danger of becoming a dinosaur, get them to teach you everything you don’t know about computers
  3. Have an indoor picnic and play board games. Keep a DVD to hand just in case. Invite your friends and their kids round, crack open a bottle and while away a mellow afternoon having fun together
  4. Baking is the new rock ‘n’ roll. If you can’t bake to save your life, have a go with the kids and see what you can conjure up. Even if your joint efforts are awful, they’ll enjoy eating them.
  5. Get some face paints and have a family session making each other look funny/scary/crazy. Import photos of yourself onto your smartphone or computer and have fun playing with them using an image manipulation or art app. Or download a low cost art programme to your PC or laptop – Artrage is absolutely brilliant.
  6. Find your nearest professional children’s entertainer at UK Entertainers, split the cost between a few friends, get everyone to bring snacks and have a party for no good reason whatsoever

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