10 things to do with olive oil – it’s magic!


big black cat asleep on a deskOlive oil is amazing stuff. Humans have used it for thousands of years, for all sorts of purposes s well as cooking yummy stuff. Here are ten unusual uses for it.

  1.  If you have cats, you can add a few drops of olive oil to their food for shiny coats and fewer unpleasant hairball incidents. Steve loves it – and as you can see he’s extremely shiny!
  2. As anyone who owns a smart stainless steel kitchen knows, it’s a great way to keep steel surfaces shiny and prevent streaking. But did you know the same goes for brass? Take it easy though, or it’ll just end up a sticky mess – less is more
  3. Olive oil makes superb furniture polish for wood, working its way down into the fabric of your furniture and creating a lovely glow
  4. Forget expensive cleansers. Olive oil makes an excellent make-up remover. Put a few drops on a cotton wool ball or soft cloth and gently wipe that slap off!
  5. Working in exactly the same way as WD40, you can use olive oil to stop doors and windows squeaking. I tested it on our freezer door last night and it works a treat
  6. It makes a great show polish too… and it’s excellent for conditioning leather, just rub in and polish the excess off. The leather seats and backs of our 1970s bistro-style dining room chairs were in a horrible, cracked, crispy state when we got them but regular applications of olive oil have softened them and now they look and feel splendid
  7. If you can bear it, glug down a teaspoonful every day to cut levels of LDL cholesterol – the polyphenols it contains are apparently very beneficial. It’s also thought to reduce the risk of heart disease, particularly in women, and the risk of strokes in the elderly
  8. Mix olive oil with your self-tanning lotion and it’ll last longer and go on smoothly, with less risk of crazy smudges and smears
  9. Add a few drops of essential oil or perfume and olive oil makes a fab massage oil
  10. Rub it on baking tins to stop stuff sticking – you don’t need special baking sprays

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  1. Great tips! I rarely wear makeup, but I did once use olive oil to remove mascara and it worked brilliantly. I also find olive oil is great for removing face paints and sticky residues from plasters!

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